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Powder Puff Silkies

Other animals on the farm

Hatching eggs
Other animals on the farm
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Silkie Photos & info

The barnyard:
Muscovy ducks
Runner ducks
Giant cochins
Lionhead rabbits

The barn ..view out my back door (winter 2009)
Formerly a donky home, the barn has several rooms & upstairs

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy are my all time favorite breed of duck , theyre quiet and they never leave home. They are a very large & heavy breed of duck , and with lots of handleing from a young age can grow to be very friendly.

I have muscovies in the following colors:

  • Black pied
  • Black ripple pied
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate pied
  • white


Lionhead rabbits in both lop eared & regular eared

Guinea Fowl

A barnyard wouldnt be complete without  a herd of guineas running around. Yes, they can be noisey...but its a sound ive grown acustomed to. They are especially handy at eating bugs. These guys are like guard dogs of the barnyard, if they see or hear something that doesnt belong ..they sound off . Most of my herd roams the nieborhood during the day, but comes home in the afternoon for a snack ..then fly up to the trees. Even at night these guys are always on guard. On many occasions theyve awoken me in the middle of the nite becuase of a predator that was attempting to get my silkies. The guineas lay here year round, I dont sell eggs but have keets available on and off  year round.
   I have guineas in these colors:
coral blue